About Me

Yep, that's me

I’m Kaye, an online persona that comes from the first letter of my actual name. I’m an American woman who lives in New Jersey, just outside of NYC. I’m 25 years old and work part-time in a delivery station.

I like lavender, strawberries, animals, cute stuff, collecting, the internet, technological gadgets, glitter, purple, the other colors, nail art, hair dye, flowers, hearts, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, my birthday, my friends’ birthdays, spring, summer, being out of school, rainbow socks, mismatched socks, sleeping, chocolate, earrings, hot chocolate, apple juice, soda, computer games, Pokémon, Celestia & Luna, cartoons (that aren’t bloody, gory, extremely violent, or hentai), spending time alone, thinking about things, tall boots, mini-shorts, and one-shoulder shirts.

I’m an introvert and on the far right end, so I cannot tolerate being around a lot of people for too long. It makes me nervous and my claustrophobia kicks in. I need some alone time every day to rest my mind, which is harder than it sounds because my mind feels like a speeding highway. It doesn’t stop.

My biggest dream is to have a huge flower garden behind my own three-bedroom house or, if I get married, a five-bedroom house. Like most of my deep desires, it’s a secret I keep from my family because I know they’d either laugh at or ridicule me for wanting so much space. Sometimes, I laugh at myself for it, but having a lot of space, even an overabundance, makes me feel good. I can’t really explain it, but it makes me feel secure.

I’m not too fond of sports, but I do enjoy swimming, running, bicycling, bowling, and skating. I want to learn to ice skate within the next few years.

I care about the environment – nature, the ocean, and the air – and animals. Uh, humanity? Well, I’m afraid as of 11/4/2013, I’ve given up on that species. Sorry, humans. And yes, I realize I’m human too. I’m not happy about it.

If you have any questions, advice, ideas, or want to talk to me privately for whatever reason, shoot me an email at kittenenvy@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kaye! Nice to meet you! I came across your blog in my Reader tonight because you tagged something with Pokemon and I also just published a story about Pokemon. I’m actually from NJ too and I too am also an introvert. Wonderful About Page you have here! It really shows your character! 🙂 You seem like a really cool person. I like what you stand for!


  2. “I need some alone time every day to rest my mind, which is harder than it sounds because my mind feels like a speeding highway.” My gosh. So relatable. Though I’ve found that too much time spent alone can lead my mood to spiral downwards. Such a balancing act.


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