The Irony Is Murderous

Remember I mentioned the person who told lies about me prided herself on not sending hate?

The friend of mine who follows her reblogged something from her. Guess what it is? A Winx-hate bingo card. And she made it because she felt “extra petty” that day.

Well, I guess being “extra petty” explains why she lied about and falsely accused me of things. She certainly has no grounds to be claiming maturity (neither do I, but I’ve never claimed such or acted like I do).

Yes, I realize I talk about this a lot and I’ve no doubt those of you who often read this blog are tired of it, but when I discovered that from my friend’s blog, I couldn’t not share it. For someone who claims fans of the older stuff are “nostalgic and biased”, she sure has one of her own against people who don’t think like her (like that wasn’t obvious enough).

As the title of this post says, the irony is murderous.


Label You, Not Me

Labels are a popular topic on social media, especially in places like Tumblr that preach about not letting labels define you (ironically, while tossing them about like candy). Personally, I think it’s fine if you want to refer to yourself as something and label yourself, but not a good idea to let other people do it. Why? Well, that should be obvious. You get situations like what happened to me. And that’s a light example, compared to most of the things I’ve had said about me, both behind my back and to my face.

It’s funny how we can know what someone says about us isn’t true, but it can still bother us. Maybe because such people have the audacity to tell lies in the first place. Really, I don’t know what I expected from someone with that blog URL. That really should’ve make it obvious the person behind that blog is the type to tell lies and make false accusations.

The reason this comes to mind is out of everything I’ve ever been called, why am I treating “nostalgic” like a crisis? Or “blind”? Or “biased”? Or even “hater”? First of all, I am blind anyway. That’s why I wear eyeglasses. I have been called racial slurs before. Kindergartners have outdone that person when it comes to insults and I’m talking about back when I was one.

I’ve mentioned at least once before I like making lists. So, I’m going to do just that. Let’s go down the list of “nostalgic, blind, biased hater” and see how far we get.


Let’s see. I saw Zootopia back in March and Try Everything is in my playlist. I saw The Jungle Book in April and the very awesome remix of The Bare Necessities is also in said playlist. Other movies I’m looking forward to are Storks and the new Disney Princess movie, Moana. And let’s not forget I enjoyed Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and…oh, yeah. I’m obsessed with Frozen and Frozen Fever. Did I mention those last two are actually hated so much, anyone who likes them is essentially deemed to not have a brain of their own? I’m also planning to watch Disney’s new show, Elena of Avalor, when it’s released. That’ll be the first show I’ve watched regularly on Disney Junior.


I wear eyeglasses, so physically, I am blind. What am I supposed to do about that? Talk to my genetics. Or my eyeballs. Whichever. Non-physically? You know what? I wish I was blind! Then, I wouldn’t see and be scarred by even half the nonsense I’ve dealt with over my life. Maybe being blind would’ve helped me deal with abuse and bullying better by virtue of not knowing it was happening. They do say ignorance is bliss, after all.


I’ve already talked about how deeming whoever doesn’t think like you is biased in itself, so I don’t need to delve much into this one. Let me sum it up: they’re called preferences. Just like how I think blue is a nicer color than pink. If we go with this “you only like something better because you grew up with it” logic (and I’ve already explained the fallacy in that regarding myself too!), I should despise blue and adore pink. But I don’t. I like pink, but it’s definitely not my favorite color and I do think blue is nicer. Make it blue!


I yell. I’m hot-headed. I will never deny that. Hateful, however? Hmm. I have an idea. Go talk to my best friend and ask her how hateful I am. Talk to my boyfriend too. Also, talk to the kids I look after. You can even talk to some of my family members. I do hate some people, obviously, and I hate some things, like how violence exists. I’ve said before I’m a cynic. And yes, this is an interesting choice of an insult. You’d think a hater wouldn’t have loved ones, yet I do. In fact, one of those loved ones is my abuser, who I’ve tried numerous times to reconcile with and the attempts keep falling out. So much for that.

Wouldn’t you know? None of these insults are true. Of course, I knew that, but the person who throws them doesn’t know that about me or anyone else these words have been thrown at. And how could they? It really does stun me how after all the nonsense I’ve dealt with, I can still be shocked people make snap judgements like that. Then again, I do it too, hence why I’ve been trying to teach myself not to do that. It’s harder than it seems, but if I weren’t trying, I wouldn’t write posts like these.

It will never sit well with me someone could tell lies about and falsely accuse me of things with no repercussions, but at the same time, it’s another thing I’m used to. My bullies got away with their actions, my abuser got away with hers, so why wouldn’t someone who tells lies about me on the internet, a place of complete anonymity if one allows, get away with their actions as well?

Plus, there’s the simple fact someone will always hate someone else and have trash to say. There’s nothing that can ever be done about that.

Death Threats?

Now, here’s something very perplexing to me.

I’ve returned to regularly using Tumblr and a topic that occasionally comes up is Cartoon Network’s reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. My feelings on it can be summed up in two words: it sucks. I’m not going to go into why, however, because this post isn’t intended to be about that.

Someone asked a blogger I follow if it’s okay they like the reboot because they received a death threat from someone who doesn’t like it. The blogger assured them it certainly was okay and went on to say they’d also received death threats for not liking the reboot.

That is something wildly strange to me. It’s one thing to have disagreements and even arguments, but threatening someone? I understand losing your temper – heaven knows my head is hotter than a boiling kettle – but at my worst, I’ve never threatened somebody. Let’s not forget this is a cartoon! No one’s life or well-being is at stake. It’s not a necessity. It’s something purely meant for entertainment. I’ve heard of the “stop having fun” crowd, but sending death threats crosses a huge, red line.

To me, it just begs the question: Why do some people take cartoons and other things meant only for entertainment so seriously? Why does saying “I like this” or “I don’t like this”, or praising or criticizing something occasionally seem to be equal to setting off a bomb? I’ve never encountered such people in my personal life and, frankly, I’m afraid to. I’m not suggesting I think they’re truly dangerously people, but I imagine they’re people who are hard to have fun with or speak to if you don’t agree with their way of thinking.

Maybe it’s only a blind moment of rage, but death threats are so common on Tumblr, it’s hard to believe everyone who does has only done it once. Even if that was the case, it’s still strange someone would fly into rage because someone else liked something they didn’t or vice versa. If someone goes on to insult people who feel differently, the anger is understandable, although it still wouldn’t justify death threats. Merely liking or disliking something? Overreaction.

My best guess is it’s the anonymity of the internet. You can be anyone and anything online and unless you eventually reveal yourself, no one will ever know you’re lying or be able to call you out. To my knowledge, death threats are illegal, but chances are you won’t be able to trace an anonymous message far back enough to find the person and have them charged. It probably wouldn’t be worth it anyway. Knowing that, the people who send death threats over such trivial matters probably feel safe and, thus, have no regard for the intended recipient of their message.

It doesn’t help Tumblr’s staff does a horrendous job of moderating the site. Hate and vitriol are part of any of social network, sadly, but Tumblr’s is beyond anything I’ve ever encountered on any other website. This is a website with a shoplifting fandom, for crying out, and it’s completely acceptable to be bigoted and hateful for no reason besides looking for a target. I can only assume the website is so out of control, moderation is almost useless. I’ve read the site wasn’t always that way and didn’t start going downhill until 2011, but I wouldn’t know since I joined the site in 2012. I guess I missed its prime time.

Drama-ix Club

It’s funny now that I’ve left the Winx fandom, I have so much to say about it. Granted, it is all related to my own experiences.

Since I began talking to my friends within the fandom, I’ve been considering rejoining the fandom. I do miss having a lot of people to talk with about the show and I miss when my main Tumblr blog was about 75% Winx posts. I surfed through the archive of that blog one day and at one point, I was regularly posting things related to Winx Club. I made a lot of small edits and took a lot of screenshots just for the sake of having fun and posting in the fandom. I can’t deny it’s a period I miss.

However, I’ve ultimately decided against returning. It’s a little lonely without the fandom, but it’s drama and stress with them. Now that I’m out of the fandom and looking at it from the outside, I’m beginning to wonder if there were some warning signs I missed that the fandom was beginning to tumble. One example from the top of my head is a user who would get angry and offended if you made any comment about the show they didn’t agree with that happened to be on a post of theirs. I once commented the group’s new style of civilian wear hadn’t yet grown on me and this person snapped at me. I still don’t see how “This style still hasn’t grown on me. I hope it does eventually,” is an offensive or even negative comment, but apparently, it is. I’ve begun to feel like that should’ve been a hint for me something was changing in the fandom.

It’s a way I used to behave as well. I grew out of it over time, but supposedly, the Winx fandom is composed of older fans, so maybe it is acceptable within that fandom. That’s odd to me because I recall someone saying they hope the nostalgic people will welcome newcomers to the fandom and while it’s only my opinion, I’d be more inclined to turn away from a new fandom if I saw people accusing others of being hateful, blinded, or biased because of nostalgia than because some people didn’t like the newer stuff. Some Disney fans don’t like any Disney movie beyond 2010, but I’m still part of the Disney fandom, to the point I wish Moana would hurry up and be released already! 😆

Speaking of newcomers, that’s another problem that’s recently come to mind. The people who make the “nostalgic and biased” argument assume anyone who likes the older seasons best (1 -3 or 1 -4) only feels that way out of nostalgia, but what about the fans who did not grow up with the show? I first saw Winx Club at 10 years old, but I didn’t watch it regularly. The most I saw on TV were a few episodes from the middle of the second season.  Yes, I liked the show and thought it was cute, but I didn’t really get into the show so heavily until I was about 16 or 17 after I’d watched all of the available seasons at that time on the internet. I’m now 22 years old. How the heck can I “grow up” with something in five to six years, especially considering the show wasn’t airing in America for two or three of those years? I’m positive I didn’t jump out of my mother’s womb as a teenager in 2010 unless I was somehow reincarnated and all my memories pre-2010 are from a past life.

Some of my friends are also friends with those people in the fandom and that’s probably the biggest reason I will not rejoin. I am not a homewrecker. I’m not going to make waves, potentially get into arguments with those people, and possibly put my friends into the awkward position of who to side with or, worse, staying neutral about it (you are only allowed like the old and new stuff if you prefer the new stuff over the old stuff; there is no neutrality or equality. You must pick a side and if you pick the wrong side, you’re toast). That’s why I’ve also decided to let go of that incident that happened back in March. I hate that person for what she did, but she’s the friend of one of my friends in the fandom (something I didn’t discover until recently). My friends’ other friendships mean more to me than my feelings and I refuse to risk wrecking someone’s friendship because their friend wronged me. That doesn’t make me any better. I’d only be hurting someone I care about for the sake of getting revenge on someone else. That’s not how you treat your friends!

I’ll keep asking periodically what’s going on and if there’s anything new because my interest in Winx hasn’t diminished, but rejoining the fandom is out of the question. If this whole “you only dislike the new stuff because you’re blinded and biased from nostalgia” blows over, I may reconsider. I was even thinking about creating a “holding blog”, so to speak, in case I ever do change my mind. For now, however, the answer to whether or not I’ll rejoin is an absolute no.

Two Decades on this Earth

Yes, it’s my birthday and I am 20 years old! My teen years are now over!

I started getting birthday wishes at midnight. I’ve gotten them on DeviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr, Google, and even in my Pokémon games. Later on, I’m going out to a buffet with a friend, who gave me a little plushie as a gift yesterday. It’s going to be a good day! 🙂

Second Time’s The Charm…

I once talked about a person who criticized me on my main Tumblr blog for not being impressed with The Sims 4. Well, someone else (or it may be the same person) has appeared who also has an issue with my distaste for TS4. This person was upset because I was unhappy about the exclusion of a particular feature I loved in TS3. Like the first time, this person is anonymous.

We survived without CASt in TS2, and TS2 is a far superior game to TS3 on many counts. The fact that they’re not including CASt in the Sims 4 just means they’re going to be focusing more on gameplay

My, my. People certainly get upset when you have a different opinion from them, don’t they? Since this person chose to be condescending towards me, I had a little fun and intentionally wrote an unnecessarily long response. I doubt they will read it, but it was fun to write.

“…TS2 is a far superior game to TS3 on many counts.”

In your opinion. Not in mine. To me, TS3 is the very best of the series (so far). I loved TS2 and stuck with it for about a year after TS3 came out. Once I was finally able to play TS3, TS2 went to my sister. And once I gave her my TS3 base game, even she was bored with TS2.

CASt allows me to bring out my imagination in many ways that weren’t possible in TS2. I love creating as much as I love playing and if the ability to create is going to be more limited, I’d rather stick with TS3.

If you lack or have less imagination (yes, that was a shot because you took one at me), that’s fine by me, but I personally love how TS3 allows me to make my imagination burst. Not a darn thing in my game is the same as it once was unless I couldn’t edit it or haven’t gotten around to it.

If I can’t create anything and practically spill my imagination and creativity into the game, there is no point in me playing it. It’s the same reason I love Pokémon X and Pokémon Y more than any of its predecessors. Once I learned they allowed us to customize our characters, I was sold. The storyline could’ve sucked for all I care. I still would’ve bought the games just to be able buy clothes and accessories for my protagonists.

Everyone plays games differently. That’s why some people love puzzle games, some love action, some love RPGs, and so and so forth. Some people care about gameplay and nothing more. Others are creators who’d rather spend three hours making a household than playing. Some are builders who’d prefer to spend time creating or renovating houses or even making their own world. It’s all okay. There’s no one right way to play a game.

You’re free to hate TS3 with a passion that surpasses the sun’s heat, but it’s not okay to look down on someone because they have a different preference than you. At the end of the day, it’s nothing more than a game. An invention for people’s entertainment and amusement. No one has to buy a game they dislike and there are no exceptions to that. I’m allowed to be upset about the exclusion of CASt just as you’re allowed to disagree with me and consider CASt an unimportant feature. I consider CASt to be an essential feature of the game, but EA cannot please everybody. Some people are going to be unhappy or displeased. There’s no way to avoid that. And their feelings are not wrong.

Stick with whatever game makes you happy. Clearly for you, that’s TS2. For me, it’s TS3. It’s a free country. Play whatever you want. Just don’t hate on someone for liking something you do not. I don’t look down on those who prefer TS2 to TS3. I’d prefer to be treated with the same respect. I ranted about the game, not the players. Why? Because I understand that they are different from me and thus, have different tastes and preferences than I do. I don’t expect anyone to like what I like or dislike what I like, nor do I expect anyone to bend over backwards for me and my tastes. That’s just plain silly and ridiculously arrogant.

This is the second time I have been criticized for not being enthusiastic about TS4. I really wish these wars would stop. In the end, anyone who likes The Sims series and has played a version of the game is a fan. This “I’m a better fan than you” nonsense is what I expect of children in middle school or lower, not adults who have bigger problems, worries, and concerns than someone not liking the same game they like. If you cannot accept someone else’s preferences because they vary from yours, I suggest you associate solely with like-minded people and stray away from any place where someone may dare to have a different opinion. However, since this is the internet, where there are literally millions of varying opinions in millions of places, I wish you luck with that. Even people who see eye-to-eye may not agree 100%.

Also, I happen to have TS4 pre-ordered at a local GameStop and I am buying the premium edition. As ironic as it sounds, I have no intention of cancelling that pre-order and I do intend to fully pay it off. Will I still stick with TS3? Ultimately, yes. But that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to give TS4 a try. I give all Sims games a try. And if I don’t like TS4 and end up with no desire to keep it, I’ll hand it off to my sister or a friend of mine who also likes the series. TS4 could end up being my secondary favorite. I might keep both TS4 and TS3 installed on my computer. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s a possibility.

Even if I weren’t wiling to give TS4 a try, I wouldn’t be inferior to any other fan because of that. Regardless of how much or how little money I spend on any game, I’m no less of a fan than you or any other player. It’s a game! Your life doesn’t depend on it, nor does mine or anyone else’s. And, while I realize all fandoms have some “bad seeds”, if the Sims community is nothing more than an endless war of who’s better than who, I’d rather not be a part of it.

I hope I this will be the last hate message I receive because this is very ludicrous and I sincerely believe The Sims series is being taken a bit too seriously by some. Or many, rather.